Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I really need a name!

I love toodling around...there's so much to see out here...
sure beats being all folded up inside my mom!

I'm pretty Hot-Don't ya think!

Here's my Right....Right?

The Chain of Command!

What's with this?
Everybody's always kissin' and sniffin' me!

BAL Whist Point Cadet

Here's my dad! Isn't he awesome!
Hope I grow up to be like him!
Well, my mom's pretty awesome too!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lexi's new Cria born 12:30PM 4-18-08

Here I am; I finally arrived! Thought I wasn't coming didn't you!

Lexi's new Cria born 12:30PM 4-18-08

OOOF! this is a lot of work getting up and down!

Lexi's new Cria born 12:30PM 4-18-08

Someday I'm gonna be bigger than you, you'll see!

Lexi's new Cria born 12:30PM 4-18-08

Peek A Boo!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More About Golden Browne Llamas Ranch, La Tea Da Designs and Us!

We have a very select breeding program and each year only have a few "Limited Editions" for sale. We breed for the purpose of breeding show and investment quality llamas that are youth friendly at very affordable prices.

We select the parents for breeding based on correct conformation, good temperament, parenting skills, overall quality and health.

We offer exquisite fiber with a range of colors including Appaloosas.

Golden Browne Llamas has high quality bloodlines in our breeding program that we carefully selected from quality llama farms.

Llama fiber can be used to make beautiful clothing and accessories. Take a look in my shop on Etsy to see my fiber art creations made from llama fiber as well as other unique One-of-a-Kind designer items: http://www.lateadadesigns.etsy.com/ I have a beautiful selection of Fall 2008 Preview items available now.
Come back to visit often to see what's new!

La Tea Da Designs